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Charles Crandall Finster (Chuckie) is one of the original five Rugrats and is the only biological child of Charles Finster (Chaz).

Chuckie lives with his dad Chaz, his mom Melinda, having died when he was a small baby. In 'Rugrats in Paris' Chuckie got a new step-mom, Kira and a new step-sister, Kimi, who have since lived with him and his dad - as well as their dogs Fifi and Sparky


Chuckie is a two year old who is afraid of everything. He is a worrier and often tries to prevent trouble. He is easily upset and asks Tommy for lots of advice. He can often see that Rugrat plans are not well thought out but will follow his best friend Tommy anywhere - complaining the whole time. However, he is loyal and can be brave - always facing his fears to come through for his friends. His 'fraidy-cat' nature is what prompts Angelica to pick on him so much.

Chuckie is most well known for his wild uncontrollable red har and purple square glasses. He has buck teeth and freckles and usually wears a blue t-shirt with red trim and a picture of saturn on the front and green shorts which come down past his knees. He also wears yellow socks and red sneakers which squeak when he walks. He is also the only one of the babies who is potty trained, which is shown in several episodes.

The whereabouts of Chuckie's mom was debated for a long time, this was cleared up in the 'Mother's Day' episode when it was revealed that Chuckie's mom, Melinda, died when he was a small baby. She was a keen gardner and also made Chuckie's bear Waa Waa for him.

All Grown Up

Chuckie is still afraid, although not as much as he was as a baby. His main fear nowadays is telling girls he likes them! Chuckie tries to be assertive and take a stand when he really believes in something and is very protective over his little sister, Kimi. He is still Tommy's best friend and even though he tries hard is not good at sports, but is an unusually good cowboy!

He now wears braces for his teeth, which he stated in the All Grown Up pilot episode, have to stay on for two and a half years.

Other Info

Chuckie was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh until 2001 when she retired from voice acting. She voiced him in The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris and the All Grown Up pilot.

Since the 2001 episodes of Rugrats Chuckie has been voiced by Nancy Cartwright, better known as the voice of Bart Simpson

Chuckie has had several pets throughtout the Rugrats series, including Melville the bug (in 'I remember Melville') who died and Cheddar the mouse (in 'The smell of Success') although what happened to Cheddar is unknown.

Among Chuckie's biggest fears are Clowns and the guy on the oatmeal box

Chuckie has an imaginary friend named Barney when he was little (in 'My Friend Barney')

His appearance and personality is based on Mark Mothersbaugh, who does the music for Rugrats and All Grown Up.

According the the episode "Chuckie Loses his Glasses" his full name is Charles Crandall Finster. However, in the 'All Growed Up' episode, his name is Charles Crandall Finster III, which then changes to Charles Randall Finster in the All Grown Up series (see 'Rat Traps')

Chuckie is president of the audio-visual club at school (see 'It's Karma, Dude!')

In All Grown Up Chuckie plays 'Yu-Gotta-Go' (a trading card game spoofing 'Yu-Gi-Oh')