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Name: rotihitik
Date: 2nd July 2007 10:33am
Message: Hi all!Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much! G'night <br />

Name: Abraham
Date: 2nd July 2007 7:14am
Message: Hi there!!! Signing your site... not bad at all!!! Simply and great!!!

Name: Nick
Date: 2nd July 2007 6:06am
Message: Good job, here and there!!! Keep it up, I like your guestbook!!! <br />

Name: Driser
Date: 1st July 2007 7:14pm
Message: Great and cool website !!! Keep it up... Best regards.

Name: omegax
Date: 23rd June 2007 14:19pm
Message: Hi! a find you site in google, it's nice!

Name: Lucy
Date: 17th June 2007 15:24pm
Message: I love the Rugrats!

Name: Nathalie
Date: 5th June 2007 15:16pm
Message: I just like to say that your website is absoulutely brilliant!!!

Name: Nathalie
Date: 18th May 2007 9:15pm
Message: Really good site, and a pleasant suprise... Good Luck!!! What do you think about my sites?&lt;br /&gt;<br />

Name: Nur Salihah
Date: 3rd May 2007 15:11am
Message: Hey tommy chuckie Kim Phil Lil Angelica Susie Dil and Spike. I hope you all are ALRIGHT

Name: Mom of Big Rugrat Fan
Date: 19th April 2007 6:54am
Message: What a great website!!! My daughter is having her Rugrat b-day party soon and I found your website so helpful! Thanks!

Name: ant
Date: 15th April 2007 15:42am
Message: ohh I love rugrats I watch the movies all the time rugrats are great I love rugrats rugrats are awesome I wish I was a rugrat I play rugrats with my brother &amp; me all the time &amp; love to see rugrat in porsn

Name: lana
Date: 30th March 2007 6:49am
Message: yor web site is GREAT!!!!!!!!

Name: Hannah
Date: 13th March 2007 7:29pm
Message: im so glad u have this website so i can still see my fav. rugrats

Date: 10th March 2007 14:05am

Name: connor m
Date: 2nd March 2007 13:54pm
Message: can i tell you i love yu more than everyone .

Name: Imperial
Date: 18th February 2007 17:30am
Message: wooooo love that site. tic-tac-toe ftw! go chuckie go

Name: tribal
Date: 29th October 2006 16:06am
Message: it's a very site about the rugrats. Thanks for all pictures

Name: Walter
Date: 5th October 2006 5:10am
Message: Hello, you have great site!

Name: Joseph Silcock
Date: 4th September 2006 14:21am
Message: Brilliant site.

Name: nikki
Date: 25th August 2006 11:20am
Message: i think your site is brilliant.i am having a rugrats party for my daughters birthday and have found all the craft,party and printable things very useful.thanks.

Name: Katie
Date: 18th August 2006 14:16am
Message: I am a huge huge huge huge Rugrats fan. Go Tommy and Go Rugrats.

Name: Birch Griesse, aka the Ultimate Rugrats Fangirl
Date: 6th August 2006 6:08pm
Message: I love Rugrats and I love your site! It's very professional and has some great games. Keep it up!

Name: hannah/rugratlover!!!
Date: 28th July 2006 2:07am
Message: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love rugrats I watch the movies all the time rugrats are great I love rugrats rugrats are awesome I wish I was a rugrat I play rugrats with my friends all the time I print out pictures off your sie 24/7 because I love to color my mom has to try to bribe me to stop me from watching to much t.v. and rugrats ohhhhhhhhhh rugrats they are so swell he he he he he

Name: hillary
Date: 28th July 2006 2:07am
Message: your website is awesome I love coming to it to remember and look at the old rugrats thanks for all your hard work

Name: hillary
Date: 27th July 2006 3:07am
Message: hi i love rugrats i love the site and everything about it i just love it i love it love it love it its my favorite site in the world i go to this site all day long non stop 24/7 i love everything on this site it just makes me smile all day long well i got to go bye bye