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Kid Safe Sites
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Antony's Nickelodoen page
Nickelodeon fan site, featuring all the main shows, with games, sounds, pictures and more

The Crayola website

Create cards, color pictures and search for activities.

A great resource for kid safe sites, including educational, entertainment, games and freeware

Kids Online
Loads of games and cool activities as well as neat facts to keep you entertained.
Animated storybooks and cards, games, coloring pages and more

Lalitha's Nursery Ryhmes
Nursery ryhmes and other cool learning materials, such as colors, shapes and numbers.

Children's storybooks online
Online storybooks created in Flash so you can read along online or decide the story.

Children's BBC wesbite, including heaps of games, art activities, information on news and sports, games, music and interactive stuff.

Split into different age groups, this site has loads of stuff to help you with school as well as loads of games and printables too.

Make your own homepage, from the creators of Elise's Rugrats page.

100 acre wood
Loads of Winnie the Pooh stuff to keep fans entertained for hours.
Color in hundreds of different pictures online!

Lissa Explains it alll
HTML help for kids, this is a great website for tips and tricks or if you are just starting out and need some help.

Fonts for kids
A great resource of heaps of kids font, including Disney fonts and more.

The kidz page
Theres loads to pick from here, clipart, games, puzzles, coloring pages and educational material too.