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The Voices
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Find out who does the voices for each character. For All Grown Up and Preschool Daze characters please see those sections.

The Kids

Tommy Pickles: E.G Daily
Dil Pickles: Tara Strong (formly Tara Charendoff)
Chuckie Finster: Christine Cavanaugh (until 2001), Nancy Cartwright
Kimi Finster: Dionne Quan
Angelica Pickles: Cheryl Chase
Phil Deville: Kath Soucie
Lil Deville: Kath Soucie
Susie Carmchael: Cree Summer

The Adults

Didi Pickles: Melanie Chartoff
Stu Pickles: Jack Riley
Drew Pickles: Michael Bell
Charlotte Pickles: Tress MacNeille
Chaz Finster: Michael Bell
Melinda Finster: Kim Cattrall
Kira Finster: Julia Kato
Betty Deville: Kath Soucie
Howard Deville: Phil Proctor
Randy Carmichael: Ron Glass
Lucy Carmicahel: Cheryl Carter (1992, 1997), Hattie Winston (Rugrats Movie)

The Grandparents

Lou Pickles: David Doyle (until 1997); Joe Alaskey
Lulu Pickles: Debbie Reynolds
Boris Kerpacketer: Michael Bell
Minka Kerpacketer: Melanie Chartoff
Shirley Finster: Miriam Margoyles
Marvin Finster: Stacy Keach
Aunt Miriam: Andrea Martin

Other Characters

Taffy: Amanda Bynes
Alysa Carmicahel: Kath Soucie
Buster Carmichael: Kath Soucie
Edwin Carmichael: Pat Musick
Timmy Mcnulty: Tara Strong
Lipshitz: Tony Jay
Jonathon: Dan Castellaneta