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Tales from the Crib
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Tales from the Crib is a series of feature length Rugrats episodes that are straight to DVD and Video releases. The stories are based upon fairytales but with that little Rugrats twist.

These episodes are not part of any season of the original show and are not stand alone movies, it is unknown if they will ever air on TV so if you want to see them you need to get the DVD or Video. VHS and DVD are available at, please get permission from an adult before ordering.

Snow White

The first installment sees the Rugrats take on the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven dwarves. Taffy tells the babies the story of Snow White, or as she calls it 'Snow White and the seven adorable minis' where the Evil Queen (Angelica) tries to rid herself of her beautiful step daughter Snow White (Susie) so that she can become the fairest of them all. But what evil queen Angelica doesn't know is that Snow White is lonely and wants some friends, so it works out great when she packs her off to babysit the seven dwarf babies in the forrest. Snow White loves the babies but it'll take more than a few dirty diapies to make Angelica the fairest of them all!

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Snow White is available on VHS and DVD from American retail outlets. The DVD includes two episodes of 'Preschool Daze' and a bonus Snow White music video.

Three Jacks and a Beanstalk

The second installment of Tales from e Crib sees the Rugrats in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack and his baby brother live with Aunt Moo who makes the finest milk around. Soon Aunt Moo's family expands when Jack and Jill and Jack and Little "Lil" Sprat come to live with them. When the family runs out of money and food, the babies get a hold of some magical beans. Next comes a trip up the famous beanstalk to a castle controlled by the evil giant Angelica and her servant Harold. If the Rugrats want the keys to the magical castle, they'll need to take three items out from under Angelica's nose! But everything is not as it seems!

Characters - see who plays who
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Three Jacks and Beanstalk is available on VHS and DVD from The DVD includes the other two episodes of 'Preschool Daze'