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Preschool Daze
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Like All Grown Up, Preschool Daze is a spin off of the main show, which came from the episode of the same name. In this Rugrats episode we saw Angelica and Susie at preschool. This four part mini-series shows us more of their adventures there.

The mini-series aired on Nick UK in the summer of 2005 and has four 30-minute episodes. The first two episodes of the mini series appear on the Rugrats Tales from the Crib: Snow White DVD as bonus features. The animation style in Preschool Daze is very different to how we are used to seeing the Rugrats, although the characters are still the same as ever!

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Miss Weemer: Vicki Lewis
Harold: Pat Musick
Savannah: Shayna Fox
Dulce: Grey Delisle
Noah: Kimberly Brooks
Matthew: Nika Fuuterman
Leonardo: Amy Gunzenhauser
Kayla: Hope Levy
Julia: Loraine Newman
Jake: Tara Strong
Willy: Jane Wiedlin
Clark: Lauren Wood
Lucas: Pamela S. Adlon
Gertrude: Florence Stanley

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