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Rugrats in Paris
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Rugrats in Paris was the babies second outing on the big screen that took them on a whole new scale of adventure - they went to another country. Paris, France was the setting for this outing, where we first meet Kimi and Kira.

Brief Outline
The movie begins with Grandpa Lou and Lulu getting married. At the wedding Angelica is granting wishes after watching 'The Godfather' on TV. When Chuckie wishes for a new mommy, Angelica promises to deliver. Meanwhile, in Euroreaptarland in Paris, Stu's robo-reptar invention is going wrong (surprise surprise!) so he is called out there to fix it. Needless to say the whole gang tags along too, even Spike. In Paris they meet Coco LaBouche, a mean lady who runs EuroReptar and who wants to find a man to marry so she can get a promotion. They also meet Kira, a sweet, caring lady with a daughter, Kimi. Angelica helps Coco trick Chaz (Chuckie's dad) into marrying her. But Coco has to win over Chuckie, who she doesn't like at all. Chuckie on the otherhand wants a princess for his new mom, after Kira takes them to see the princess parade but when he tries to find her to ask her, he gets scared and chickens out. Knowing this Coco dresses up as the princess for one of the shows. It would seem she finally has Chaz and Chuckie tricked. That is, until the day of the wedding when Coco bans the babies from attending and Chuckie decides he needs to put his foot down and stop the wedding. While all of this is going on Spike is off exploring Paris for himself and gets himself a girlfriend in the form of a poodle named Fifi.

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