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Rugrats guide to Parents
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Parents are great! After all, if it weren't for them, you wouldn't even be here, would you? Parents are always there when you need them and they can do real clever stuff, like make food hot nd drive big cars. They even give you lots of boxes to play with at christmas time! You should be as proud of your parents as they are of you - although we wouldn't go as far as saying you should show pictures of them to strangers in the street!

What's the bestest thing about your parents?

Tommy: I love my dad cos he makes funny toys for me and stays home all day so he can play with me. My mom? Well shes a stooper mom!

Chuckie: My daddy's real nice to me, even when i wake him up when its dark cos I've had a scary dream or am feeling thirsty. My daddy's the bestest daddy in the world!

Phil & Lil: Our mom's good cos she stops our fights so that we don't hurt each other. She helps our daddy too - he wouldn't know wha to do if she didn't tell him!

Angelica: Parents? Mine are cool, I guess. You just gotta know how to work 'em. And don't always believe what they say cos they fib sometimes. Hang around and I'll give you more tips on how to get your own way with them.

Super Mom!

Did you know all moms are super moms? That includes yours, so take a look at what she can do!

Super dooper smell system: She knows exactly where you hid that fish stick and she can smell a gobstopper at 100 paces, even if your mouth is shut!

Supersonic radar system: Moms can hear you plotting a mile off. If you've talked about a plan to get the best cookies, forget it! She'll have them moved before you even make it to the kitchen.

X-ray vision: Even if your mom is in a different room she can still see you! Don't even think about doing anything naughty unless she's out of the building. Even thats a bit risky!

Extra sensory perception: Moms always know what you're thinking. This is why its difficult to fib when you're a kid. Pretending to have a tummy ache is a real no-no. Moms always know when you're faking it.

Nimble fingers: Super mom needs them so she can cut up your vegebles every single day of the week and not get tired. She also needs them so she can clean you up when you've fallen over without hurting you.

Tips from Angelica!

Angelica says parents are no problem. Here are her tips for getting your own way with them.

1) Say "Pretty please with candy sprinkles on top and ice cream inside" and smile as sweetl as you can.

2) Stick your bottom lip out. Squeeze one sad tear from the corner of your eye and go right up to your mommy or daddy and gaze up at them. (This works better if they are standing up)

3) Stomp your feet and sream as loudly as you can. Cry until you are nearly sick. This is quite tiring so you need to be really desperate.

If these fail, go to your room nd be as quiet as a mouse. Your parents will be so worried about your behaviour, they'll give you anything you could want and more.