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The Rugrats is an American animated TV show, produced by Klasky-Csupo for Nickelodeon.

The show was one of the original three NickToons along with Ren and Stimpy and Doug, first airing on August 11th 1991. The show originally ran from 1991 until 1994, when it was cancelled by Nickelodeon.

After a surprising popularity in re-runs, Nickelodeon re-commissioned the show. New episodes were produced in 1996. The show ran until 2005 into its twelth season and spawned three movies, a spin off series - All Grown Up - and a mini series - Preschool Daze.

The series is about a group of toddlers, centered around one year old Tommy Pickles and his friends and follows the adventures they have from a child's point of view.

Each episode fills a half hour slot (running time is approx. 22 minutes) and consists of two cartoons. The exception to this is Season Ten which also includes a short cartoon placed between the two longer ones.

Important Events on the Rugrats Timeline

1991: August 11th saw the first episode of Rugrats ever shown
1992: Rugrats wins an Emmy Award
1992: Charlotte makes her first appearence in The Santa Experience
1993: Susie and her family first appear in Meet the Carmichaels
1993: Rugrats is first seen in the UK on BBC2
1994: Production on Rugrats is cancelled
1994: Rugrats is shown in Canada and Australia
1994: Rugrats wins another Emmy Award
1995: The last of the classic Rugrats episodes, Passover, is screened in the US
1995: Rugrats wins a third Emmy Award
1996: Rugrats wins its first Kid's Choice Award
1996: The Rugrats comic is published in the UK
1996: Production of new Rugrats episodes begins
1996: The first of the new episodes, Chanukah, airs in the US
1997: Rugrats wins another Kid's Choice Award
1997: Production begins on The Rugrats Movie
1997: Rugrats Comic Adventures is published in the US
1997: The Rugrats gets a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
1998: Rugrats: A Live Adventure stage show opens in the US
1998: Season seven of Rugrats begins
1998: The Rugrats win their third Kid's Choice award
1998: The Rugrats comic strip debuts in newspapers
1998: Production begins on Rugrats in Paris
1998: The Rugrats MOvie soundtrack is releasd
1998: The Rugrats Movie opens in theaters in the US and Baby Dil joins the cast
1999: Baby Dil becomes a series regular
1999: The Rugrats Movie breaks the $100 million mark in the US and Canada
1999: The Rugrats Movie is released on Video
1999: Runaway Reptar is released direct-to-video
2000: The Rugrats win another Kid's Choice award
2000: Rugrats in Paris soundtrack is released
2000: Rugrats in Paris opens in theaters in the US and Kimi and Kira join the cast
2001: Rugrats in Paris is released on Video and DVD
2001: The Rugrats get a star on the Hllywood Walk of Fame
2001: The Rugrats celebrate their 10th anniversary
2001: The Rugrats Kwanzaa episode debuts
2002: The Preschool Daze episode made its debut
2003: Rugrats go Wild released in theaters in the US
2003: All Grown Up first DVD and VHS release
2003: Rugrats wins an Emmy Award
2003: All Grown Up first season begins
2003: Last episodes of Rugrats shown
2004: All Grown Up special, Interview with a campfire, is shown
2005: All Grown up special, Dude wheres my horse?, is shown
2005: AllGrown up special, RV Having fun yet?, is shown
2005: Preschool Daze mini series shown on NickToons TV in the UK.
2005: Tales from the Crib: Snow White is released on DVD and VHS in the US