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Rugrats go Wild
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Rugrats go Wild was the Rugrats third and final time on the big screen. Here they met up with the Wild Thornberries and get into all kinds of trouble!

Brief Outline
Everyone thinks Stu is taking them on the Lipshitz cruise, where they can get some time away from the kids, while they will still have fun and be safe. Even Susie is coming along. But Stu has other plans and rented his own boat. It's no surprise to find out that Stu's boat is hardly sea worthy and the cast get shipwrecked on a deserted island. Not to worry though because the legndary Nigel Thornberry and his family are also on the island. Of nothing is ever that easy when the Rugrats are involved. The gang get lost in the jungle, Chuckie goes missing, Angelica finds a role model and Nigel Thornberry starts acting like a baby. Oh yeah and Spike can talk!

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