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Rugrats guide to food
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Do you ever wonder what grown-ups are talking about when they say that you need to eat protein? So do we! We can't tell you what protein is or what it tastes like, or where you can buy it, but here are some of the Rugrats thoughts on food.

Phil & Lil on Eating Out

"The best food you can find is in the garden. anything that's small and moving is good - worms and bugs are our favourites. If you can't find anything slimy or crunchy then earth is pretty tasty. If it's raining and you have to eat indoors, the yummiest bits are thos mouldy old pieces of forgotten food that you can find uner the sofa! If the grown-ups have been hoovering though, you can always find something good in the dogs bowl!"
Chuckie on Greens

My dad's cool. He's always telling me to eat my greens. Greens are delicious. You can get all sorts of different kinds. The ones I've tried are Reptar bars, Reptar cookies and best of all - Reptar cereal, they're lean, they're mean and they turn milk green! Greens are what I like to eat most of all. My most unfavourite food that I don't like is vegebles"
Tommy on dressing for dinner

I like to spill a whole beaker of juice down myself just before dinner, so that I get to wear a fresh clean outfit to spill food on. My mom always gives me a bib with a nice picture on it to wear over my chest, but I'm not sure why - most of the food seems to go on my arms and legs. Dishes make good hats, especially when they're still full of food. The best part of dinner is the splash in the bath afterwards!"
Angelica on Eating up

"Take it from me, you need to watch those growd-ups when they give you your food. Anything that looks interesting is bound to be a trap so beware. Orange dinosaur shapes, for example, are chicken dressed as Reptar, and anything that looks like a happy face is bound to have vegebles in it. To make mealtimes worthwhile, take your time with the boring stuff - then you'll find the nearest growd-up will offer you cookies if you eat it all up. Throw it to the dog when they're not looking, then enjoy your cookies!"