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Family Trees
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Who is related to who in the world of Rugrats? Find out below.

Other members of the Pickles family

Tommy's family have a dog, Spike. He had puppies with Fifi and one of them, Spiffy, lives with Tommy.
Angelica owns a cat named Fluffy.
Grandpa Lou has a cousin, Miriam, who appears in several episodes.
We get to see several other members of the Pickles family in the episode 'Family Reunion' including Tommy and Angelica's aunts, uncles and cousins.
Didi's half-brother Ben is younger than her, meaning that either Boris or Minka is not her biological parent. Or this was simply a mistake in the script.
Charlotte's family are unknown. However Angelica gets a birthday card from 'grandma' in the episode 'Angelica's Birthday'
Lulu's other family are not mentioned, although she does have a grand niece, Taffy, who later becomes the Rugrats babysitter.

Other members of the Finster family
Chuckie's family owns Fifi, the poodle who Spike fell in love with in Rugrats in Paris. She had puppies with Spike and one of them, Sparky, lives with Chuckie.
While we know the name of Kimi's biological dad, her grandparents remain a mystery.