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All Grown Up
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All Grown Up started with a special 10th Anniversary episode of Rugrats where the babies made a time machine and used it to go into the future to find a time in their lives when Angelica was finally nice to them. In this special episode we got to see the babies as pre-teens and see how they had changed and also to meet some of their new friends and teachers, because of course they were now all in school.

The episode was so popular that Klasky-Csupo made it into its very own spin off series, so we can now follow the gang at two different ages. This page will hold all the information on the spin off show, so see below for a run down of the episodes, new characters, new voices, the theme music and more.

New Characters: Meet the Rugrats new friends and teachers
All Grown Up Voices: Who voices who in the new show?
Theme song: Find out the lyrics and who sings the theme song
Episode Guide: Lists and describes all the All Grown Up episodes and specials
Episode Gallery: Pictures from All Grown Up episodes
All Grown Up gallery: Pictures of the Rugrats All Grown Up
All Grown Up coloring pictures: color in pictures of your fave AGU characters

All Grown Up related activities, wallpapers, icons etc will be added to the site with the main content. Please see relative sections. For character information on the original Rugrats cast in the All Grown Up series please see the Character Bios.