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T-shirt Transfers
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Ever wanted to make your own Rugrats t-shirt? Well now you can. Just download the transfer files below. This activity requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it please download it for free here.

You will need:
tshirt transfer paper
Rugrats t-shirt design
A blank t-shirt
An iron

Load a piece of the transfer paper into your printer. You can buy this from computer supply stores. Print off the second page of this document.

Use the print icon on the toolbar or go to ‘File’ and then ‘Print’ The image looks back to front, but when you make the shirt will be the right way round.

Once you have your image on the transfer paper, you need to get a plain t-shirt, it must be blank - a white one works best.

Put the transfer on the shirt where you want the image to go. Make sure it still looks back to front.

Get a grown up to iron over the transfer paper for a few minutes. It may be useful to place a thin towel over the t-shirt while ironing the transfer onto the shirt. The image will now appear on your shirt. Let it cool before touching it.

Refer to the packaging of your transfer paper for any other instructions.

[get transfer]
file size:83kb

Bestest Friends
[get transfer]
file size: 91kb

Dumb babies
[get transfer]
file size:83kb

I've got it!
[get transfer]
file size:91kb

Would be easy?
[get transfer]
file size: 98kb

Not my fault
[get transfer]
file size:81kb

[get transfer]
file size:96kb

[get transfer]
file size: 57kb

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These transfers are intended for personal use and should not be used to gain a profit and should not be sold on.