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Dress up as a Rugrat for the day, or if you have a fancy dress party to go to use these cool costume ideas and you'll be the best baby at the party! Worksheets require Adobe Acrobat Reader (get it here) The files may take a few minutes to fully load, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

You will need:
mask template
a4 sized thin card
glue or double sided tape
crayons or colored markers
string or ribbon

Print off the mask template by using the print icon. You can find this on the toolbar or go to ‘File’ and then ‘Print’

Stick the template to thin card, like the back of a cereal packet. Cut around the dotted lines. Before you put away your scissors, cut out the dotted section in the eyes. Young children should be supervised when using scissors.

Using the crayons or colored markers, color the picture in.

Make holes in the sides of the mask, where the black circles are. Young children will need supervision with this.

Thread string or ribbon through one hole, hold the mask to your head and thread through the other hole. The string or ribbon should go around the back of the head and should be tight enough to hold the mask on, but not so tight that it digs in to the head.

Tie off the string or ribbon and you are ready to become a Rugrats character too!

Angelica Mask
[download worksheet]
File Size:64kb

Kimi Mask
[download worksheet]
File Size: 68kb

Reptar Mask
[download worksheet]
File Size: 69kb

Chuckie Mask
[download worksheet]
File Size: 86kb

Dil Mask
[download worksheet]
File Size: 63kb

Tommy Mask
[download worksheet]
File Size: 94kb

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All crafts provided here are provided free of charge and should be used as such and not redistributed without my permission and should in no way be used for profit.