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Browse through our extensive picture galleries. The number next to each folder tells you how many pictures are currently in that section. Some galleries have sub-sections, for example the show galleries are split into episodes.

Tommy (52)
Chuckie (51)
Angelica (48)
Phil & Lil (53)
Dil (24)
Kimi (15)
Susie (16)
Stu & Didi (21)
Drew & Charlotte (12)
Betty & Howard (13)
Chaz & Kira (13)
Grandpa Lou & Lulu (9)
Boris & Minka (10)
Spike (19)
Reptar (19)
Group (124)
All Grown Up (66)
Other (16)
Animated (19)
Rugrats episodes (1383)
All Grown Up episodes (590)
Preschool Daze episodes (99)
Tales from the Crib (201)
The Movies (437)
Coloring Book (307)
Worksheets (34)
Fan Drawings (6)

3657 images in 337 categories.

New images

Pictures were scanned or captured for this site by Sarah Wakefield, unless specified. Images donated by others or from another website are tagged as such. If a picture has been donated to the galleries that is originally from your website and you would like it removed please email me and I will take it down. All pictures are copyright Klasky-Csupo, Nickelodeon and Viacom.

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