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Full name: Susan Carmichael
AKA: Susie
Hair: black/brown in 3 braids
Wears: yellow and purple dress, red shoes
Age: 3 years
Debut: Meet the Carmichaels
Parents: Randy and Lucy Carmichael
Siblings: Alisa, Buster and Edwin
Pets: A cat named Chowder
Best friend: the babies

Another three year old, this time a problem solver and friend. The Rugrats can always go to Susie for help, even if she doesn't know all of the answers. As the youngest of four children she knows a lot about getting along with others. Susie can speak French and is often better at things than Angelica, a fact that annoys Angelica to no ends!

10 years later

Age: 13

At 13, Susie is showing a great talent for singing, something which she wants to do professionally. Susie is still as nice as ever and always keen to join the gang in adventures and mischief. Kimi is now one of her best friends. Susie is a great student, as well as singer, especially skilled at languages and she is the Rugrats babysitter. She is also still in competition with Angelica - although this is mainly one sided (Angelica believes she is a better singer than Susie) but the pair are better friends now and Angelica often asks her for advice and help.