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Phil and Lil
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Phil and Lil

Full name: Phillip Deville, Lillian Marie Jill Deville
AKA: Phil and Lil
Hair: brown, Lil has a pink ribbon
Wears: pink shirt, green overalls and sneakers (blue for Phil, pink for Lil)
Age: 15 months
Debut: Tommy's First Birthday
Parents: Betty and Howard Deville
Siblings: each other
Pets: none
Best friend: each other

Phil and Lil are the unidentical twins (even though they look the same!) of Betty and Howard. Lil is older by two minutes.They live next door to Tommy and often are at his house playing. They love eating worms, playing in mud and Reptar. Both Phil and Lil are always enthusiastic to join in Tommy's adventures and do everything together, even though they argue a lot.

10 years later

Age: 11 1/2

Ten years on and Phil and Lil are no longer inseperable, they even have seperate rooms. Phil still loves all things gross and doesn't get very good grades in school. Lil is sometimes embarrassed by her brother, who is definitley not cool. She wants to be part of the popular crowd but not if it means distancing herself from her brother. Lil is also really good at soccer and plays on the school team with Tommy.