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Melinda Finster

Melinda Finster is Chuckie's mom. She died when Chuckie was little. Chuckie doesn't remember much about his mom but he has nice dreams about her.Melinda wrote a poem to Chuckie when she was in the hospital before she died. With his mom around Chuckie wasn't scared of anything. Melinda liked gardening and Chaz kept all of her things which he shares with Chuckie in the Mother's day episode. She is the one who made Chuckie's bear, Waa Waa.

Alisa Carmichael

Alisa Carmichael is Susie's older sister and Randy and Lucy's oldest child. She seems to be permanently attached the the phone, calling her friends and is often made to baby-sit Susie and the other Rugrats while the grownups go out.

Buster Carmichael

Buster Carmichael is Susie's brother. He's the second oldest after Alysa. Buster is very into sports, especially basketball and soccer and is always seen in a number 30 jersey and baseball cap. He also has a friend named Stinky who he likes to play pranks with.

Edwin Carmichael

Edwin is Susie's other brother. He's six years old and is a fountain of knowledge. He is extremely clever and his bedroom is more like a library than a normal six year old's room. He's always willing to help Susie out though.


Fifi is the Finster family dog, who they brought home from Paris with them. She is a poodle and now lives with Chuckie, Chaz, Kira and Kimi in their house. Fifi is Spike's wife and they have puppies, Spiffy and Sparky together. Spiffy lives with his dad, Spike while Sparky lives with her mom Fifi.


Fluffy is Angelica's cat. She is very much like her young owner in both looks and personality. Around Angelica and her parents Fluffy acts like the sweetest cat in the world but hisses at the other Rugrats when left alone with them.


Reptar is Tommy's hero. He is popular with all of the Rugrats, even Angelica and the grown-ups. He is a big green dinosaur who appears on TV. The Rugrats have much of the Reptar Merchandise. He never seems to stop smashing up cities and terrifying humans. Tommy is always on the look out for Reptar, hoping to meet him but Chuckie is more reluctant because he is afraid of being eaten.


Taffy is Lulu's grand-niece and the lead singer in a band. She also plays guitar and writes songs. Taffy is the Rugrats babysitter and often takes them on outings to places like the arcade and the park where they can get into trouble. She calls the babies 'the minis' and they think she is the best babysitter they have ever had. She is in her late teens and has a best friend named Britannica. Her first appearence in the series was in the episode 'Happy Taffy' and she has red hair with green and purple clips and wears a yellow and white shirt with purple shorts.


Cynthia is Angelica's doll. She is her best friend and most loyal companion. Although she is not real Angelica talks to her and persistently demands a response, until eventually she makes up a voice for her. Cynthia goes almost every where with Angelica and is often at the receiving end of her tantrums.

Waa Waa

Waa Waa is Chuckie's teddy bear. He takes him pretty much everywhere and he's kind of like Chuckie's security blanket. He was made by Chuckie's mom Melinda, for him bfore she died.

Dr. Lipshitz

Dr. Lipshitz is a baby expert who has written many books on how to rise children. Stu and Didi swear by his methods and often to refer to his books when looking after Tommy or Dil. Chaz is also a big fan of Lipshitz and
the doctor has visited the Pickles household before.