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Chaz & Kira
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Chaz & Kira

Full names: Charles Norbert Finster, Kira Wanatabe-Finster
AKA: Chaz, Kira
Age: mid-30's
Debut: Barbecue Story (Chaz), Rugrats in Paris (Kira)
Parents: Shirley and Marvin Finster, Kira's parents do not appear
Siblings: unknown
Pets: Fifi, Sparky
Children: Chuckie and Kimi

Chaz is Chuckie's dad. He was married to Chuckie's mom Melinda, who died when Chuckie was a baby. Chaz married Kira Wantanabe in Rugrats in Paris. He looks very similar to his son with red hair and glasses. Chaz, like his son is also a bit of a worrier but gets on well with the Rugrats. Kira was introduced in the second movie, she is a quietly spoken woman who loves poetry, her daughter Kimi and new step-son Chuckie. Chaz and Kira run a coffee house called 'The Java Lava' - which they bought fter they got married. Kira and her daughter Kimi are originally from Japan.

10 years later
Ten years on and Chaz and Kira still run Java Lava. Chaz has now hired Betty as an assistant. Kira doesn't pop up much in the All Grown Up series but her and Chaz are still as fond of kids and each other as they used to be.