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Boris & Minka
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Boris & Minka

Full names: Boris and Minka Kerpacketer
AKA: ---
Age: unknown
Debut: Tommy's First Birthday
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Pets: none
Children: Didi Pickles. Either Boris or Minka is also the parent of Didi's half brother Ben.

Boris and Minka are Didi's parents. They live nearby and so often pop around. They love to argue, mainly over something silly. They love Tommy and Dil with all of their heart, so often disagree with Stu and Didi's baby raising decisions however small. Boris constantly refers to "the old country" which is where he was brought up. They are quite set in their ways and believe in old methods and remedies. Boris and Minka sometimes get roped into babysitting while the grownups go out but somehow the Rugrats always seem to get up to mischief.