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Angelica C. Pickles is the only child of Drew and Charlotte Pickles and was one of the original Rugrats characters.

She lives with her mom and dad and her cat, Fluffy. Angelica has close contact with the family on her dad's side - her uncle Stu, his wife Didi and their children Tommy and Dil (her cousins), her Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu (through marriage). Her relations on her mom's side are never seen. However, she calls Tommy and Dil's maternal grandparents, Boris and Minka, grandma and grandpa, which can be seen in such Rugrats episodes as 'Toys in the Attic'.


Angelica first appeared in the episode 'Tommy's First Birthday'. During the first part of the series Angelica must have been two years old, because we later see her birthday party in 'Angelica's Birthday' where she turns three. She is the only Rugrat, besides the later additon of Susie, who can speak to both the babies and the grown ups.

Angelica is most recoginised by her blonde pigtails, tied with two purple bows. She usually wears an orange striped shirt with a purple dress, blue tights with green spots and purple shoes with orange socks.

When she is left alone with the other Rugrats she loves to boss them around. She is always trying to force them to do whatever she wants - but she doesn't always get her way. Her parents are unaware that Angelica becomes a monstrous bully the minute their backs are turned. She looks sweet and innocent but she's bossy and bratty.

Her most prized possesion is her doll Cynthia, who is also her best friend. During the series Angelica has had a rivalry with Susie, always competing with her to be the best at something, or have the most or best toys. Despite the fact that she is always mean to the babies it is because of her lying that made them friends in the first place (in 'Moving Away').

Angelica is an only child - the only one of the main characters to be so. Tommy gained a brother, Dil, while Chuckie later got a step-sister, Kimi. Drew and Charlotte were going to have another baby (in 'Angelica's Worst Nightmare') but this never happened. Incedently her parents are not around much, they are always working, so she is often babysat by her aunt Didi and uncle Stu. This is probably why Angelica is so spoiled.

All Grown Up

Despite several years passing, Angelica is not that different, at least in personality! She is still as mean and as spoiled as she always was. During the series Angelica turned 13 and became an official teenager. She now does many typical teenage girl things, such as talking on her cell phone, persuing the latest fashion and boys. She also has her own website called 'Ask Angelica' which started out as a help site but soon turned into a gossip site where Angelica caught the other kids at school in embarrassing situations.

Angelica and Susie are now good friends, although they still compete at everything, mostly singing, which Susie is vey good at and Angelica isnt! She is now also in competition with Savannah (and has been since the spin-off mini series Preschool Daze) and fights to be in the popular crowd. Despite this Angelica has warmed up to the other Rugrats, even, on occassion being nice to them!

Other Info

Angelica is voiced by Cheryl Chase

She was born in 1990

During the first few seasons of Rugrats a diaper could be seen occassionaly underneath Angelica's dress.